Viewing host login credentials

To view login credentials

  1. From the secondary navigation bar on the Discovery tab, click Credentials.
  2. Click Devices.
    The following screen illustrates an example of the host login credentials page:

At the top of the host login credentials page, the system displays the total number of host login credentials and the number of host login credentials by each access method.

The credentials are checked in sequence, and the first matching entry is used. After a working credential is found, further credentials are not checked. If you want to reorder login credentials, drag the credential to the required position in the list.

The credentials are shown in color-coded boxes. The colors represent the level of login success achieved with that credential:

  • Green — 100% success rate.
  • Yellow — partial success.
  • Blue — the credential has never been used.
  • Red — 0% success rate.

Where a credential is shown in a filled red box, it is an invalid credential from a previous BMC Atrium Discovery version. Previous versions have permitted range specifications using regular expressions. Before the credential can be used, the range must be corrected in the Matching Criteria field of the Edit Credential dialog.

The following information is shown for each credential:

Credential link

This is the first part of the heading link for the credential. The range of IP addresses on which this credential is intended to be used.


This is the second part of the heading link for the credential. The user name used for this credential.


A free text description of the credential supplied by the user who created the credential.


A summary of the success rate when the credential has been used, information about failures, and links to DiscoveryAccesses, credential lists and other useful diagnostic pages.


Additional options used with this credential. With the exception of No Password (use ssh key exchange), the options are those selected from the Options section when the credential is set up. The No Password (use ssh key exchange) option is selected by not entering a password. For information about these, see the Field Name-Details table for Adding host login credentials.


A list with the following options:

  • Edit — To edit the credential, select Edit. See Adding host login credentials for information about the fields and settings available from the Edit Login Credential page.
  • Disable — To disable a credential, select Disable. The credential is a marked as disabled in the credential list. When a credential is disabled, this option is replaced with an Enable option. To enable the credential, click Enable.
  • Delete — Delete the credential.
  • Test — Select this to test the credential. See Adding host login credentials and #To test host login credentials for more information.
  • Move to top — Moves the credential to the top of the list.
  • Move to bottom — Moves the credential to the bottom of the list.

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