Getting started

The Getting Started topics are intended for anyone who is starting to evaluate, use, or deploy BMC Atrium Discovery, including the BMC Atrium Discovery Community Edition. This section covers BMC Atrium Discovery planning, installation and configuration, guides you through core procedures for getting quick results from your discovery process, and suggests the next steps you might take to improve your discovery results.


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Learn the basics of the BMC Atrium Discovery product.

Key concepts

Understand key concepts and core functionality so that you can begin using BMC Atrium Discovery right away.

Start using BMC Atrium Discovery.

End to end process

Run your first basic discovery without credentials, examine the results, and configure credentials for complete discovery. Schedule discovery runs and prevent discovery of specified IP addresses or ranges.

Learn more about the capabilities of BMC Atrium Discovery.

Next steps

Learn about the way that you can further enhance the discovery of your IT infrastructure and business applications such as patterns and TKUs, deep database discovery, and Collaborative Application Mapping.

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