Configuring host login credentials

The preferred method of accessing remote hosts using BMC Atrium Discovery is by remote login. You can set up different login credentials to use on different computers, by individual IP address or a range of addresses. The following access methods are available:

  • ssh
  • telnet
  • rlogin
  • windows

You can set up several access methods and define the order in which they are to be attempted. Each access method is attempted until a working credential is found or the list is exhausted.

For each host that is successfully logged into, the successful access method is recorded. On subsequent scans, the first access method attempted is the one that succeeded for that host on the previous attempt, as long as the appropriate option is selected in the Discovery Configuration page.

If an access login method is disabled (for example, telnet) and that method is recorded as the last successful login method, it is tried again on a subsequent scan. If it fails on that scan then that method will not be tried again until it is re-enabled.

An access method is only attempted if it is seen to be available (for example, SSH access will only be attempted if the SSH port is open).

The following pages describe how to configure and view host login credentials:

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