Batch and individual synchronization

Nodes can be synchronized into BMC Atrium CMDB as a batch. From a list view in the UI, select one or more nodes, then choose Sync with CMDB from the Actions menu. The menu items appear for any root node kind. By default, Host, Network Device and MFPart and all the selected nodes are added to the synchronization queue.

To see the progress of the synchronization, you can follow the link in the notification to the status page.

A node is only added to the synchronization queue if it is not already queued.

To synchronize an individual device

From a node view page for a root node kind (Host, Network Device and MFPart), you can choose Sync with CMDB from the Actions menu to synchronize that particular device.

To synchronize deletion of root nodes

When root nodes are deleted in the Discovery datastore, the associated root CIs must be deleted in the CMDB, along with all their related CIs. In continuous synchronization mode, deletions are automatically queued. To synchronize deletions using batch or individual synchronization, view the destroyed node(s), and then choose Sync with CMDB from the Actions menu.

There are many ways to find destroyed nodes. One simple way is to choose Advanced Search, select the Include Destroyed check box, and then choose the node kind (for example, Host) that you want to search for.

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