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This section describes how to use the product, and provides an overview of user interface page layouts and navigation, information about how to view details of your IT system, and guidance on searching for specific data and producing reports. It is intended for IT operations staff and managers who use and manage BMC Atrium Discovery to view, create, search, and report on data from an infrastructure or business perspective.


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Learn how to start using the product at a high level.

First steps

Understand the basics of logging and and setting preferences to make using the product easier.

Use the standard features of the product and methods by navigating the user interface.

BMC Atrium Discovery user interface

Optimize use of the product with recommended browsers and navigate quickly through the interface.

Use basic tasks of the product.

Basic tasks

Be able to quickly search for, change, delete, and export data.

Learn how to monitor the ongoing discovery and manage your discovery schedule.

Running discovery

Control the discovery scope (include and exclude IP ranges for discovery); schedule discovery scan windows to avoid unwanted network performance degradation; Monitor the status of current, recent, and future discovery runs.

View and report on the details of the model that represents the hardware and software items in your network.

Managing your IT infrastructure

Understand how the data obtained from host systems during Discovery affects your IT operations and how you can optimize your infrastructure.

View and report on the details of the model that represents your business software.

Managing your business applications

Understand the information about the software applications that are actually running on your system and how you can optimize your IT services.

Perform a baseline of your data center as an audit.

Using data center baselines

Understand data center baselining and how it can be used to simplify tasks in BMC Atrium Discovery before large IT projects.

Run and manage reports in BMC Atrium Discovery.

Managing reporting

Use basic and advanced reporting capabilities to view data, and include reports on a dashboard to more effectively analyze, manipulate, and collaborate on the data.

Set up and run CMDB synchronization.

CMDB synchronization

Ensure that BMC Atrium Discovery data is accurately mapped to BMC Atrium CMDB, providing a single source of truth for CIs and their relationships in the CMDB.

Search for data in BMC Atrium Discovery using the query language and search service, a high-level mechanism for retrieving data stored in the datastore.

Using the Search and Reporting service

Using query language, be able to specify which nodes to retrieve, and the attributes of those nodes to display. Understand how to enter search queries the query language itself.

Export data from BMC Atrium Discovery.

Using Export

Enables you to publish data from BMC Atrium Discovery directly into relational databases and into all systems that can accept CSV files.

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