Running an export

This topic provide instructions for running an export.


Only run exports from BMC Atrium Discovery during time periods when no discovery runs are occurring. This ensures that the state of the datastore does not change during the export. Such a change could result in inconsistent data being exported.

There are two ways to run an export:

  • From the user interface
  • From the command line

To run an export from the UI

  1. Navigate to Exporters tab.
  2. Click Run for the exporter.
    Only one export can be run at a time. As a result all of the other exporters' run links become unavailable when an export is running.
    The output for the currently executing exporter displays beneath the configuration tabs. It refreshes every few seconds, keeping the output up to date.
  3. After the export has finished, the output window displays No export is running and stops refreshing.
  4. To re-enable the other exporters' Run links, close the output window.

To run an export from the command line

  1. Log in to the appliance as the Tideway user.
  2. Run the following command (where exporter-name is the name of the exporter you want to run):
    $TIDEWAY/java/integrations/bin/ exporter-name
    The export now runs and the clean log (see Log Files) is written to the console. Future exports can be scheduled by using a cron job.

To export log files

There are two types of log files produced by Export.

  • Export Log Files
  • Other Log Files
    Each export writes logs to the normal BMC Atrium Discovery appliance log location.
    To view the logs, select Appliance > View Logs.

The following logs are written:

  • Clean log — Contains information on what the exporter did with each item. These log files are called tw_cmdb-export.timestamp.log where timestamp is the data and time that the export commenced.
  • Full log — Contains much more verbose information about the export process. This log is intended for debugging. The full log is called tw_cmdb-export.log.

When the full log reaches 50 MB, it is rolled. That is, a .1 log number suffix is appended to its filename and existing logs have their log number suffixes incremented. The oldest log is deleted. Ten logs are retained in addition to the current log.

See the Troubleshooting section for more information on viewing BMC Atrium Discovery log data.

Other log files

Several other log files are also generated in the BMC Atrium Discovery Appliance log location directory.

  • Startup log — When BMC Atrium Discovery is started, a component of BMC Atrium Discovery Export runs to perform some cleanup exercises. The log for this activity is in export-creds.log.
  • Connection test log — Whenever a user tests an adapter configuration connection, the messages for the test are written to a log called tw_exporter_connection_test.log.
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