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The BMC Atrium Discovery Configuration Guide is intended for IT operations staff and managers who are using or setting up and managing BMC Atrium Discovery. It describes, for example, how to view details of your IT systems, both from an infrastructure and from a business perspective, how to add to and amend information in the database, and how to attach existing files to a data object (for example, for disaster recovery purposes).


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Configure and update the BMC Atrium Discovery appliance.

Setting up

Be able to configure the appliance the first time you use it.

View standard data structures.

Managing standard data

Set up data specific to your organization (for example, add business information to the data automatically discovered by BMC Atrium Discovery).

Set up and configure system users, including creating new users, amending and deleting users and setting up passwords and security settings.

Users and security

Be able to quickly configure users and security settings to use in BMC Atrium Discovery.

Set up maintenance mode and take appliance backup or do command-line configuration.

Maintaining the appliance

Be able to configure the way the system is monitored and audited through the user interface or by using command line utilities.

Set up initial data and run the discovery process.


Understand how to set up, run, and monitor the discovery process to optimize BMC Atrium Discovery in your environment.

Import data into BMC Atrium Discovery.

Importing data

Understand the import process, and how to exporting BMC Atrium Discovery data to other applications (for example, Microsoft Excel).

Run standard and customized reports.

Context-sensitive reporting and linking

Understand the reporting features of BMC Atrium Discovery and how to search for specific data to produce in reports.

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