Big Discovery

The problem

Today, IT teams who are responsible for managing and maintaining the configuration state of the largest IT estates are struggling with obtaining an accurate picture of their entire environment. Configuration Managers are also dealing with the challenge of highly distributed environments that they must consolidate into a holistic view, in order to make the best decisions for their business.

  • More dynamic data centers — Given the rate of change in the data center, users need near real-time data. Their goal is daily discovery scans and CMDB updates.
  • Time constraints for access to the network — Many users have limited windows during which they can scan the network. Often several days are needed to fully scan their data center.
  • Tool constraints for discovery — The tools available that are meant to solve these challenges today are too slow when scanning and compiling data into usable results and require multiple days to do so. Often, in the time it takes this data to be converted into something useful, it can already be outdated. Additionally, the solutions add to the difficulty of managing large scale environments by introducing maintenance and management needs of the tools themselves and high learning curves with cumbersome UIs.
  • Data Currency for more dynamic data centers — Despite the rate of change in the data center, users continue to need near real-time data. Due to this pace, Configuration Managers are unable to refresh data center inventory and dependency information at the desired rate.

These challenges IT face are as massive as the organizations they manage. They do the best they can, with the tools they have but they want better, faster, and smarter.

The solution

The ideal solution delivers a single, consolidated view of a very large data center (in excess of 100K OSIs) more rapidly than before. All this with a tool that requires low administration and with a smart UI that keeps things easy.

BMC Atrium Discovery version 10.0 Big Discovery

Big Discovery - Discover and get usable results from even the largest Data Centers in the shortest time possible.

  • Leverages new BMC Atrium Discovery appliance clustering technology
  • No Scanning limits – just add hardware
  • Fault tolerance designed to manage hardware failures
  • Highly Scalable End User UI
  • Transparent cluster management

BMC Atrium Discovery version 10.0 Big Discovery allows an IT Organization to always understand the ever changing state of the smallest to the largest enterprise. BMC overcomes modern challenges of extreme scale by leveraging its new clustering technology — Big Discovery. Thanks to this, IT can now discover and produce near real time intelligence about the data center to support business critical decisions. Already the fastest discovery solution — now even faster with BMC Atrium Discovery version 10.0 Big Discovery!

For more information on the details of Big Discovery, see the following:

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