Windows proxy manager

The Windows proxy manager is a simple tool which enables you to install and manage proxies on the Windows host on which the manager is installed. The Windows proxy manager is installed when you install a proxy. See Installation for more information.

Running the Windows proxy manager

To run the Windows proxy manager:

  1. From the Start Menu, select Programs => BMC Software => ADDM Proxy => Proxy Manager.
    The Windows proxy manager is displayed.
    Tha main Windows proxy manager showing a credential and an Active Directory proxy.

Managing Windows proxies

You can perform the following management tasks using the Windows proxy manager:

  • Create (install a new proxy service)
  • Edit the port that the proxy uses
  • Delete (uninstall a proxy service)
  • Start a selected proxy
  • Stop a selected proxy
  • Restart a selected proxy

These are described in the following table:




Create a new proxy

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Click the Add button. The create proxy dialog is displayed. Enter the following information:
Name: A name for the proxy
Type: Select either Active Directory or Credential.
Port: Enter a port if you need to use a specfic unused port. Otherwise choose the port which is automatically populated.
Username: Enter the username for the user account that will run the Windows proxy.
Password: Enter the corresponding password for the user account.
Options: Select the checkbox to run the proxy immediately after installation.
Click OK to create the new proxy.

Edit the selected proxy

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Click the Edit button. Edit Proxy dialog is displayed. You can only edit the port that the proxy uses.

Delete the selected proxy

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Click the Delete button. You are prompted for confirmation before the proxy is deleted.

Open Log Directory

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Click the Open Log Directory button. The log directory for the currently selected proxy is displayed in an Explorer window (an example pathname is C:\Program Files\BMC Software\ADDM Proxy\runtime\AD4\log).


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Click the start button. When the proxy starts a green check icon is displayed next to its name.


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Click the stop button. When the proxy stops a red cross icon is displayed next to its name.


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Click the restart button to stop and start the proxy.

Refresh proxy list

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Click the refresh button to refresh the list. Sometimes the list does not pick up changes in the status of services so it is good practice to refresh the list before starting or stopping a proxy.

Editing proxy config files is only undertaken through the main user interface

You cannot edit the proxy configuration file as that is better handled centrally from the appliance.

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