Viewing an application instance

An application instance is a running instance of a business application; an identifiable application that supports a particular business function. All application instance objects are set up automatically by the BMC Atrium Discovery Discovery and Reasoning process.

To view an application instance

  1. Click the Application Instances link in the Application Summary section of the Applications page.
  2. From the Application Instances page, elect an application instance from the list.

The information fields for a typical Application Instance are detailed in the following table.

Field Name



Name of the application.


Type of application instance.

Configipedia Page

The page in Configipedia that describes the application.

Full Version

The full version number of the application.


The build number of the application.

Product Version

The product version of the application.

Contains Software Instances

Software instances that are part of this application instance.


Hosts that this application is running on.


Pattern responsible for creating and maintaining this BAI.

Data Completeness Issues

List of any missing fields.

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