Using the Search Service


Entering Search Queries

Search queries are entered using the Enter Generic Query page. To access this page:

  1. Click the Search icon to the left of the Search box at the top right of the User Interface.
  2. The Search Options in the drop down panel is displayed.
  3. Click the Generic Search Query link.
  4. Enter the query in the text entry field.
  5. Click the Run Query button to run the query. The results are displayed in a report.
    • To export the results in a comma separated values (CSV) file, click the Export (CSV) button.
    • To export the results in an XML file, click the Export (XML) button.
    • In each case, a download dialog is displayed. Save the file to your local file system.
      If you have entered queries before, a list of the your recent queries is provided below the text entry box.
    • Clicking on a link fills in the text entry field so the query can be edited or run.
    • If a previous query link is bookmarked (by right-clicking or dragging to a bookmark bar in your browser), it acts as a "bookmarklet". Selecting the bookmark while viewing any BMC Atrium Discovery UI page executes the query on that BMC Atrium Discovery instance. You can bookmark a query on one BMC Atrium Discovery instance and execute it on another one.

To access this page you require the ui/report/admin permission.

Viewing Current Searches

You can view all searches/reports that are currently in progress on the appliance. To do this:

  1. From the Model section of the Administration tab, select Search Management.

The Search Management page shows the searches and reports that are currently in progress on the appliance, depending on the permissions that you have been assigned. A System user can see searches belonging to all users. A "normal" user can see just their own searches. This behavior is controlled using the model/search/list and model/search/cancel permissions. See Search Permissions for more information.

The page shows searches from all sources, including those submitted through the Generic Query page, ones due to reports, and ones that are implicitly triggered while browsing in the user interface. System users can also see searches performed by patterns, which are considered to belong to the "Reasoning Subsystem" user.

Cancelling Searches

The Search Management page lists any searches that you are permitted to view. Any search that you can cancel is shown with a cancel button at the right hand side of its row. To cancel a search, click the Cancel button corresponding to the search that you want to cancel. When the search has been cancelled, the window in which the search was entered is refreshed with a Search Cancelled message.

You can also cancel a search that you have just started by navigating away from the search-in-progress spinner.

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