Using the home page

The BMC Atrium Discovery home page displays predefined dashboards that provide a consolidated overview of certain aspects of your modeled IT infrastructure. Dashboards are particularly useful for highlighting standards and exceptions. For example, you can highlight under-used servers, or a breakdown of the operating systems on which Apache webservers are running.

When you initially log on to BMC Atrium Discovery, the default dashboards screen displays.
This screen illustrates the default dashboard on the home page.
On subsequent logins, the most recently used dashboard is displayed. On any user-defined dashboards, each section can be selected by clicking and holding the heading bar and can then be moved around the page. When you move the section to a new position, the outline is moved and the other sections rearranged to accommodate the new position.

You can also remove a section by clicking the close icon in the top right corner of the section. You can refresh the section with the refresh icon to the left of the close icon. The changes that you make are immediately available to all other users.

You can configure the dashboards to provide your own custom home page. The dashboards provided are described in Types of dashboards, and their use and how to customize them is described in Using and customizing dashboards.

The standard installed dashboards cannot be edited, though they can be copied, and the copy can be edited.

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