User security

Your BMC Atrium Discovery Administrator will set up your account, provide a password, and define your access rights. Your user account and password may be the same as you use throughout your organization (single sign on) or it may be specific to BMC Atrium Discovery.

It is your responsibility to maintain the security of your system. Ensure you follow your organization's security policy at all times. Configuring BMC Atrium Discovery security to conform to your password policies is described in Managing Security Options.

All actions on the system are recorded against a user's ID for audit purposes and for this reason:

  • Never give anyone else your ID/password.
  • Always log out when you have finished using BMC Atrium Discovery.

Your view of BMC Atrium Discovery is controlled by your user ID and your access rights. You may not be able to access all the options described here.

Changing your password

You should change your BMC Atrium Discovery password regularly in order to ensure the security of the system. The change password screen is the same as is shown on the initial logon to the appliance.

If you use a corporate authentication and authorization method (single sign on), you should continue to follow the policies enforced by your organization. You will be unable to change your password in BMC Atrium Discovery if you are using single sign on.

To change your password

  1. Click the User icon from the dynamic toolbox on the right-hand-side of the screen, below the primary navigation bar.
  2. Click the Change Password link from the drop-down list.
    This diagram illustrates how the to change your password.
  3. On the Change Password for Tideway User page, complete the following fields:
    • Current password: Enter your current password.
    • New password: Enter your new password.
    • Verify password: Enter your new password again to verify it.

      By default, the password that you enter must meet a number of rules. Refer to the Password Rules read-only field on this page for details. Consult your BMC Atrium Discovery administrator for details of the password policy enforced, if any, in your organization.

  4. After you have entered your settings, click Apply.

Logging out

To ensure system security, always log out when leaving the system. Click the Logout link to the right of the primary navigation bar that is displayed on each page, as illustrated in the following screen.
This diagram illustrates the location of the Logout link in the navigation bar.
BMC Atrium Discovery includes a timeout that logs you out automatically when you have been inactive for 30 minutes. This timeout is not configurable.

The timeout does not apply on user interface pages which automatically refresh, such as the Discovery home page. Pages without automatic refresh, such as the Reports home page time out after 30 minutes.

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  1. Blaine Simpson

    ADDM does not support single sign on. One option ADDM supports is accessing shared LDAP database for auth, but that still requires manual password entry for each UI session and is a very different thing from SSO.

    Feb 19, 2012 03:46