Uploading new JDBC drivers

Uploading new JDBC drivers

A JDBC driver is shipped in the form of a single file with an extension of .jar (Java ARchive). The JAR file contains a compiled java implementation of the client code to remotely talk to the database. Database vendors usually make their JDBC drivers available for free download from their websites.

Due to licensing issues we cannot ship the drivers for all of the databases that we support. They are available from the vendors' websites for download. We supply the URLs to access these jar files on the JDBC Drivers page. To access this, in the Administration page, Appliance section, click JDBC Drivers.

After you have downloaded the JDBC driver for the database you wish to communicate with, upload it to the appliance using the correct Upload link in the table. The file will be uploaded and verified. If the required Java class is not found in the jar, or if the jar is corrupt (or not a jar at all) then an appropriate message will be displayed in the Status column. Simply re-upload the correct driver to correct the issue should one arise.

The available statuses for the drivers are:

  • No JAR Uploaded
  • Jar Uploaded(Deactivated)
  • Activated and in use. This means the driver is being used by an SQL credential.
  • Activated but not in use
  • Error.

BMC Atrium Discovery is shipped with a default set of properties files which define the databases that you can connect to. If you want to connect to a different database, you must write a properties file and download an appropriate driver. This is described in Adding new JDBC drivers.

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