The tw_model_init utility enables you to initialize the model, this consists of deleting any data that you have in the datastore and reapplying the taxonomy. The utility can also install and activate a TKU after deleting the datastore. The TKU package must be stored on the appliance filesystem.

The tw_model_init utility does not delete configuration data held outside the datastore. However, some configuration information is held in the datastore and is lost when running tw_model_init. This is:

  • Scan ranges
  • Scheduled scan ranges
  • Exclude ranges
  • Scan levels (default scan level and those which can be selected when adding a new scan)
  • CAM (saved queries, groups and subgroups, named values, functional component definitions, and generated patterns)

If you suspect datastore corruption, consult the knowledgebase article KA325751 to determine whether the datastore is corrupted. If you discover that there is corruption then you should contact BMC Customer Support.


The tw_model_init utility deletes all data in your datastore. Before you use tw_model_init to resolve an issue, it is recommended that you contact BMC Customer Support.


You must stop all tideway services before running the utility. Restart the services after you run the utility.

To use the utility, type the following command at the $TIDEWAY/bin/ directory:

tw_model_init [options] 

where options are any of the options described in the following table and the common command line options described in Using command line utilities.

Command Line Option



Specifies to remove any existing tideway.db datastore.


Use this argument with caution! It deletes all data stored in your datastore!


Specifies to not automatically install and activate a TKU package. This improves the speed of the utility.


Specifies to install a TKU from a location other than $TIDEWAY/data/installed/tpl

User example

By default, the tw_model_init utility activates the TKU package that came with the version of BMC Atrium Discovery appliance that you have installed. If you are not planning to use that TKU, you can set the --no-tku option to save you time when running the utility. However, if you use this option and then forget to subsequently load a TKU, your BMC Atrium Discovery instance will collect significantly less data.

Initializing the model without activating a TKU

The following example illustrates how you can initialize the model without installing and activating a TKU:

$TIDEWAY/bin/tw_model_init --no-tku

Effect on CMDB synchronization

When a host has significantly changed so that its key has also changed, problems can be caused if you run tw_model_init before the changed host is rediscovered. On the next CMDB synchronization, duplicate hosts are created in the CMDB representing the changed host, and the CIs representing the original hosts are never deleted.

To ensure that no duplicate hosts are created after running tw_model_init and then synchronizing the data, perform the following tasks before running the utility:

  1. Soft-delete all existing CIs in the BMC.ADDM dataset.
  2. Run a reconciliation and a purge so that the deletion is propagated to the BMC.ASSET dataset.
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