SNMP Device page

In BMC Atrium Discovery version 8.3 SP2 the pages showing SNMP devices pages have been improved.

An SNMP device in BMC Atrium Discovery represents a switch, a router, a router-firewall combination, a printer, and so forth. Each object is identified by an IP address range. Network devices are discovered using SNMP credentials.

For a separate list of supported printers, see supported printers.

To view network devices that can be discovered by BMC Atrium Discovery:

  1. From the Discovery section on the Administration tab, click SNMP Devices. On the SNMP Devices page, supported devices are displayed organized in the following categories:
    • vendor
    • capability (for example, router, firewall, or load balancer)
    • kind (Networking devices and printers)

  2. The SNMP Devices page is shown in the following illustration. In BMC Atrium Discovery 8.3 SP2 and later, the notes field is populated with any additional notes on devices where required.
    This screen displays the SNMP devices that can be discovered.
  3. Click on a link to view a list of devices that in that category, displayed with model, kind, capabilities, sysObjectId, and notes. This is illustrated in the following screen.
    This screen illustrates the devices discovered by a specific manufacturer.
  4. Click on a device to display a list of all of methods that BMC Atrium Discovery might use to obtain data from a device, and the Object Identifiers accessed. Where an OID contains a table, a plus (+) icon is displayed. Click the plus icon to reveal the table. Click the minus (-) icon to collapse the table. This is illustrated in the following screen.
    This screen illustrates the methods discovery might use to obtain data from a device.


Not all devices support all methods.

For a list of network devices supported by BMC Atrium Discovery, see Supported Network Devices.

The DiscoveryAccess page for network devices also shows the reduction in the number of discovery methods. See the DiscoveryAccess page for details of the other information displayed in the DiscoveryAccess page.

This screen illustrates the DiscoveryAccess page for 8.3 SP1  and shows the discovery methods used to discover an SNMP device.

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