Performance data

Performance figures are guidelines only and will differ between environments. Based on observations in real customer deployments it has been observed that it is realistic to be able to scan around 500 Hosts per hour. There are certain factors, configurable and otherwise that can affect performance. These are described in the Factors Affecting Performance section.

When scanning with BMC Atrium Discovery, the rate at which the IPs can be processed will vary depending on how many of them are actually devices, as opposed to empty space. For example, scanning a range of 100 IPs, where only one is in use, will behave differently to one where there are ninety in use.


As described in Consolidation a BMC Atrium Discovery instance can be configured as a Consolidation Appliance that receives data from multiple Scanning Appliances.

A Consolidation Appliance can process scan data at the same rate as an equivalent Scanning Appliance can. Therefore the time required to consolidate the data from all configured Scanning Appliances is approximately the same were you to sum the time taken by all Scanning Appliances to perform their scans.

For example if you had five Scanning Appliances each taking one hour to scan, then the corresponding Consolidation Appliance might take 5 hours to consolidate all this data.

This should be taken into account when planning your deployment as it is possible to end up in a situation where the Consolidation Appliance cannot keep up with the amount of data being sent to it by the Scanning Appliances.

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