Maintenance mode

Maintenance mode is a user mode in which the only users permitted are users who are members of the system group. All users who are not members of this group are logged off the appliance and an explanatory message is displayed.

Putting the appliance into maintenance mode

You must be logged in as a user who is a member of the system group to see the Set Maintenance Mode button.
To put the appliance into Maintenance Mode:

  1. From the Appliance section of the Administration tab, select Control.
    The Appliance Control page is displayed.
  2. Click Set Maintenance Mode.
  3. The appliance is placed into maintenance mode. All users who are not members of this group are logged off. System group users' screens are refreshed and a button, Quit Maintenance Mode, is displayed.

Maintenance Mode is not a single user mode. If you are performing any tasks which could affect other users, such as appliance snapshots, you should ensure that you are the only logged in user.
Use the Administration => Security => Active Sessions window to verify this.

In maintenance mode, a flashing banner is displayed at the top of all pages. The flashing banner is a link to the Appliance Control page.

To leave maintenance mode, click Quit Maintenance Mode.

When non-system users are logged out, the login banner is displayed with an "under maintenance" message. When logging into an appliance that is in maintenance mode, you should ensure that your work does not interfere with that of other logged in users. For example, the appliance may be in maintenance mode so that an appliance snapshot can be taken.

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  1. Blaine Simpson

    Contrary to what is written above, it is not literally the "system" security group that is required. It is the appliance/maintenance privilege that is required, and the default "system" group has this privilege no more than the default "admin" group does.

    Feb 19, 2012 04:05