Improving discovery

BMC Atrium Discovery provides as much information as it can about your environment. To maximize this ability, there are features in the product to help you improve the level and quality of access to the environment.

  • Monitoring credential usage: Discovery relies on access credentials. The credentials management tools provide an overview of the success rate of the credentials to assist you in monitoring the roll out and currency of the credentials in use. This can monitor Login Credentials, Windows proxies and SNMP Credentials.
  • Troubleshooting via SessionResults: Discovery records a lot of useful metadata information about each access to the environment. This page describes some of the information available and how to use the results to troubleshoot access issues.
  • Discovery Conditions: There are many scenarios where the system can detect that data could be improved. The Discovery Condition tools enable you to see advice on what actions you can take, and which hosts are impacted by these actions.
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