Example Python Script

The following Python script demonstrates similar tests to the ones described in the previous section. This is written for the CSV API but would be equally valid for the XML API.

import urllib
def runQuery():
    # Successful output
    query = "http://appliance/ui/api/CsvApi?query=SEARCH%20Host&username=system&password=system"
    f = urllib.urlopen(query)
    print f.read()
    # Empty query - output will be 1.
    query1 = "http://appliance/ui/api/CsvApi?username=system&password=system"
    f = urllib.urlopen(query1)
    print f.read()
    # Invalid query - output will be 3.
    query3 = "http://appliance/ui/api/CsvApi?query=SEARCHX%20Host&username=system&password=system"
    f = urllib.urlopen(query3)
    print f.read()
    # Authorisation failure - Output server code of 401.
    query4 = "http://appliance/ui/api/CsvApi?query=SEARCH%20Host&username=system&password=system1"
    f = urllib.urlopen(query4)
    print f.read()

if __name__ == '__main__':

With no exception handler around Query4, a 401 Unauthorised IOError traceback is produced.

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