Downloading BMC Atrium Discovery 8.3

You can download BMC Atrium Discovery 8.3 from the BMC EPD site
It is shipped as a virtual appliance, so you must include Virtual Machine as a platform in your EPD profile. If you do not, none of the BMC Atrium Discovery 8.x products are displayed.

This is the home page for BMC Atrium Discovery 8.3 documentation. The documentation is divided into the following sections:

  • BMC Atrium Discovery – provides an introduction to BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping (BMC Atrium Discovery). It is intended for any staff who are unfamiliar with BMC Atrium Discovery.
  • Release Notes – accompany each product release and provide details of new features introduced in that release as well as known issues/workarounds. For information on between-release updates or EFix releases, see the readme file that is provided with the update.
  • Getting started – provides a brief introduction and step by step guide to starting work with BMC Atrium Discovery. It contains much useful information for new users of BMC Atrium Discovery.
  • User guide – describes the day to day use of the product. It is intended for IT operations staff and managers who are using and managing BMC Atrium Discovery, including viewing, creating, exporting, searching, and reporting on data from an infrastructure or a business perspective. Information on the Search and Reporting Service is also provided.
  • Configuration guide – describes how to set up and configure the product. It is intended for IT operations staff who are responsible for setting up, managing and configuring BMC Atrium Discovery and any associated Windows proxies. It describes options on the BMC Atrium Discovery user interface that are only available to users with administration privileges as well as command line access to certain parts of the product which are not accessible through the UI.
  • Deployment guide – provides information on pre-requisites for a successful deployment of BMC Atrium Discovery, information on the appliance specification and performance data.
  • Application mapping – describes a collaborative approach to using BMC Atrium Discovery to create and maintain maps of your business applications. Collaborative Application Mapping (CAM) enables you to understand what business services are supported by what part of the IT infrastructure and helps you build dynamic, effective application maps that are automatically maintained by BMC Atrium Discovery.

    The BMC Atrium Discovery Application Mapping guide is intended for anyone who wants to use BMC Atrium Discovery to map applications in their estate. This guide describes the application mapping methodology, how to gather and organize data and collaborate on a mapping prototype, and how BMC Atrium Discovery generates and maintains the resultant application map.
  • Security – provides a brief overview of the security aspects of BMC Atrium Discovery.
  • Troubleshooting – provides information on possible problems that you may encounter, troubleshooting and debugging tips, and how to collect data that Customer Support may need to solve problems.

Download a PDF version of the BMC Atrium Discovery documentation set

PDF Download

You can download a PDF version of the entire BMC Atrium Discovery documentation set here. Be aware that the PDF document is simply a snapshot and will be outdated should updates occur on the wiki. The PDF file is generated from the wiki on each request so it may take some time before the download dialog is displayed.

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  1. Eva Faile

    The documentation for 8.3 that I have downloaded has numerical section notations (chapter 1, 1.2 etc) that are not marked at the section headings. And the page numbers are not appearing.

    As a new user of the product this makes it extremely difficult to refer to a section or page when discussing the product with those helping me to understand what our deployment should look like. While the 8.2 documentation did not use numerical sections that aligned with the contents either, the page numbers at least provided a common reference when discussing with others in online collaboration environments.

    Please update the documentation set so we can be "on the same page"!

    Thanks so much,

    Nov 08, 2011 12:08
    1. Duncan Tweed

      Hello Eva,

      I've fixed the problem that was preventing the headers and footers displaying in the exported pdf. That will give you page numbers. The tables of contents with numbered headings are automatically generated, but unfortunately the numbering is just in the toc. I'll see whether I can do anything with that. I don't think it is currently possible to get good sequential numbering through the pdf export.

      Thank you for your comment. Please comment again or email if you need anything else.


      Nov 09, 2011 07:30