Diagnosing Hostname Problems

Some issues are indicative of incorrectly configured hostnames.

Visualizations and export do not display

This problem can be identified if you see a 500 Error - Internal Server Error! page in the user interface (UI) when attempting to load visualizations. You will also see the following error message in $TIDEWAY/tomcat/logs/catalina.out:

java.net.UnknownHostException: local_hostname: local_hostname

where, local_hostname is the hostname set on the machine.

To resolve this problem, see the previous section, Setting the hostname locally.

Cannot access the UI – 500 internal server error

This error can have many causes, as it results from one or more of the tideway services failing to start. A common cause however is that localhost cannot be resolved. If this is the case errors of the following form are displayed when restarting the tideway services.

[current date/time] [error] couldn't resolve WKServer address
[current date/time] [error] Couldn't resolve hostname for WebKit Server
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