Deployment prerequisites

The deployment prerequisites are listed below in a suggested sequence. Completing all of these should result in a successful deployment.

  1. Appliance Installation – describes the information required by BMC and provides specification information for physical and virtual appliances.
  2. Security – overview of the security aspects of BMC Atrium Discovery.
  3. Windows proxy deployment – describes the requirements for a Windows proxy deployment.
  4. Credential Deployment - UNIX – describes the requirements for UNIX credential deployment.
  5. Credential Deployment - Windows – describes the requirements for Windows credential deployment.
  6. Credential Deployment - SNMP – describes the requirements for SNMP credential deployment.
  7. Identify Target Environment – requests identification of the subnets and IP addresses to be scanned, and those to be excluded.
  8. Approval to Perform Discovery – suggests the functional area from which scanning approval should be sought.
  9. Access – details that methods of access that the BMC Atrium Discovery administrator will require.
  10. Network Management (Ciscoworks) data – describes importing CiscoWorks data.
  11. Service Transition – suggests training which may be appropriate for staff after the deployment has completed.
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