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This section provides the recommended customer deployment prerequisites for an efficient deployment of BMC Atrium Discovery and a regularly implemented deployment approach. It also provides sections on performance data and specifications of physical and virtual appliances.


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Complete prerequisites necessary before deploying BMC Atrium Discovery.

Deployment prerequisites

Know and implement recommended customer deployment prerequisites for an efficient deployment of BMC Atrium Discovery.

Implement requirements for deployment of BMC Atrium Discovery.

Deployment requirements

Know and implement deployment requirements for a regularly implemented approach.

Review performance data.

Performance data

Be able to understand performance data that helps you plan physical and virtual appliance deployments.

Review appliance specifications for all physical and virtual appliances.

Appliance specification

Be able to plan appliance deployment based on specifications relevant to your environment.

No additional software is supported on the appliance

BMC Atrium Discovery is built as an appliance that is not intended to have any additional software installed on it. The only exception to this is BMC PATROL. BMC Customer Support cannot provide support for any appliances on which additional software is installed.

No OS customizations are supported on the appliance

The BMC Atrium Discovery software is delivered as an appliance model (either virtual or physical), and includes the entire software stack from a Linux operating system to the BMC application software. The operating system must not be treated for general purpose use, but rather as a tightly integrated part of the BMC Atrium Discovery solution. As such, customizations to the operating system should only be made at the command line level if explicitly described in this online documentation, or explicitly instructed by BMC Customer Support. Any other changes will render the appliance unsupported. If you are unclear as to the impact of a potential customization, please contact BMC Customer Support for guidance.

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