Credential Deployment - Windows

For Active Directory environment customers typically deploy a Domain wide account with local administrator right to the contained Windows Hosts. Also, the account must be allowed the "log on locally" right for all hosts in scope.

BMC Atrium Discovery requires WMI to be installed and enabled. This can be validated and remediated during the discovery deployment.

For Microsoft Windows 2000 and older versions, the program to program communication dependency is not available through native Windows tools. In order to get the full dependency model, BMC Atrium Discovery requires an additional tool to be available on the Windows hosts. The following tool is currently supported by BMC Atrium Discovery:
Tcpvcon version 2.34 — If a more recent version of Tcpvcon has been installed on the target Windows 2000 or earlier host, you must replace it with version 2.34, which is shipped along with the BMC Atrium Discovery Windows proxies.
Full details of Tcpvcon are available from the official website. The information on the official website is managed by Microsoft and might be of a later version than 2.34.

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  1. Simon White

    Can you please clarify what "log on as a user" means?
    As far as I can tell there is no Windows permission called that and the assumption is that this should read "log on locally"?

    If this assumption is correct, can you please update the requirement to be clearer. When submitting credential requests to Win security admins we need to be precise about which rights are being requested.


    Sep 20, 2012 06:53