Configuring the banner color

You can set the color for the top banner in the user interface, making it easy for users in the field to identify, through a visual cue in a prominent banner, the appliance they are using for various purposes (for example, development, test, and production environments).

To configure the banner color:

  1. On the Administration tab, click Configuration in the Appliance section.
  2. In the Banner Colour section, select the option button corresponding to the color you want to display in the banner and click Apply.
    This screen illustrates the Banner Colour palette that enables you to select one of the default colors.
  3. In the Name field, type a name that you want to display overlaying the colored banner.
    The selected banner color with the specified name persists so that all pages that you display in the user interface use the same scheme. The banner color also displays on the login page.
    This screen illustrates the selected banner color and name persisting to another selected page in the user interface.
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