Configuring continuous synchronization

During continuous CMDB synchronization, whenever BMC Atrium Discovery finishes scanning a device, it is added to the synchronization queue. Similarly, whenever a device node is removed due to aging, it is also queued for synchronization, meaning that the deletion is propagated into the CMDB. In this way, the CMDB stays completely synchronized with Discovery.

Continuous CMDB synchronization is disabled by default after the initial setup.

To start Continuous CMDB Sync

From the Configuration tab of the CMDB Sync Configuration page, click Start Continuous CMDB Sync.
This screen illustrates the STOPPED banner.
Continuous CMDB Sync is started and the red STOPPED heading banner is changed to a green RUNNING banner.
This screen illustrates the RUNNING banner.
In this mode, as the scan of each device (Host, NetworkDevice or MFPart) is completed, it is automatically queued for synchronization.
If any devices are deleted from the Discovery data store (due to aging), they are also queued for synchronization, so the deletion is synchronized with the CMDB.

To stop a running Continuous CMDB Sync

From the Configuration tab of the CMDB Sync page, click Stop Continuous CMDB Sync.
Continuous CMDB Sync is stopped and the green STARTED heading banner is changed to a red STOPPED banner.
No more devices are automatically queued for synchronization, but those already queued, either due to the continuous sync or due to manual sync requests, are still processed.
Batch and individual synchronization can still be performed.

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