The BMC Atrium Discovery administrator will require a workstation with network access to the appliance through both a web browser and a terminal emulator (e.g. PuTTy or F-Secure SSH terminal). WinSCP will also be helpful for moving files to or from the appliance.

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  1. Blaine Simpson

    I don't think anybody wants to deal with the compatibility problems of F-Secure SSH any more. The industry standard is OpenSSH. A working version (incl. the real scp) is included with the tiny msysgit, and it can be used to generate real OpenSSH key sets for use with ADDM, without the conversion programs and processes needed for Putty. Easiest setup is make a new directory and execute the Portable .7z, which will extract it. Put the bin subdir into search path and done.

    Feb 20, 2012 02:54