This documentation supports the 19.05 version of BMC Digital Workplace Basic.

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Installing BMC Digital Workplace in a cluster

This topic describes the process to install BMC Digital Workplace in a cluster. Other options are described in Performing the BMC Digital Workplace installation.

Before you begin

Complete the steps described in Preparing for installation of Digital Workplace. In addition to steps that are required for all installations, some steps are required for high availability.

To install BMC Digital Workplace in a cluster

  1. Install BMC Digital Workplace on the primary server.
    To use the GUI wizard, see Installing BMC Digital Workplace on a single server. To use the silent installer, see Installing BMC Digital Workplace silently.
    Specify the In a New Cluster option during installation. See Installation worksheets for Digital Workplace.

  2. Install BMC Digital Workplace on the secondary server. 
    Specify the In an Existing Cluster option during installation. See  Installation worksheets for Digital Workplace.

  3. Create your MyIT administrator account, as described in Setting up administrator authentication.
  4. On all nodes, make sure that API token and secret values are the same in the file located at apacheFolder\Tomcat\external-conf\.

  5. Start the DWP Application service for all BMC Digital Workplace servers in the cluster.

Where to go from here

Verifying the BMC Digital Workplace installation

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  1. Stefan Hall

    i thought the form "SHR:SHR_KeyStore" (point 4) doesn't matter any more since the mongo db was removed

    Dec 11, 2018 02:12
  2. Stefan Hall

    Is the import of "myit-chg-91.def definition file" into 1811 really still necessary?

    Dec 11, 2018 02:13
  3. Ievgeniia Afinogenova

    Hello Stefan,

    You are correct about both of the points. Thank you for the comments. The content is updated as per your feedback. The changes will become public later this week.

    Dec 20, 2018 03:32