This documentation supports the 3.3 version of BMC Digital Workplace. To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Setting up sections in the Catalog

The Catalog in BMC Digital Workplace enables you to make requestable services, items, and knowledge articles from any configured providers available in a single location. Group requestable services, items, knowledge articles, and HR solutions into different sections for business users to request. HR solutions can include eForms, which replace paper and PDF forms.

Before you begin

Read the use case for requesting services and apps. If you plan to include HR requests, read the use case for requesting HR assistance. The catalog can be populated from multiple sources. The following diagram illustrates those sources and the enablement tasks before you can set up the catalog sections.

request services overview

Configure integrations with the sources for items in the catalog, as described in the following topics:


Catalog section examples

BMC Digital Workplace includes predefined catalog sections, which you can display in your catalog. You can also create new catalog sections to group together items by category, or individual items.

When a section does not include any items, for example if a user is not entitled to any of the items that would be included in a section, then the section is hidden.

The following illustration shows an example of a section that was given the name Popular requests. The shopping cart in the illustration is available only with BMC Digital Workplace Advanced.

Catalog example


The shopping cart in the preceding illustration is available only with BMC Digital Workplace Advanced.

Creating a new catalog section

In the BMC Digital Workplace Admin console, you can create sections to hold service requests and other self-help items from all providers.

  1. On the Service Requests tab, select Catalog > Catalog Sections.
  2. Click Add.

  3. Using the language of the default locale, enter a name for the catalog section.

  4. (Optional) Select alternate locales and enter the name in the language of the corresponding locales.
  5. Select Section type: Items to include service items one at a time, or link to a specific category.
  6. Select one of the following options:
    • Link Predefined Groups to this Section —Associate this section with a BMC Service Request Management, MyIT Service Broker, or BMC HR Case Management category.
    • Choose items to add to section—Add items from any available category to this section.


    These options are not available when you modify a catalog section.

  7. Add service items or service categories as described in Adding individual service items to a catalog section.

Adding individual service items to a catalog section

You can add services from any configured service providers, such as BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management, BMC HR Case Management, and BMC Service Request Management. If you have BMC Digital Workplace Advanced, you can also add services that you build in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog You can add How-to items (which are configured in BMC Digital Workplace) and Quick Links (which are populated from BMC Service Request Management). You can add knowledge articles that are configured in BMC Remedy IT Service Management. You can add knowledge articles from BMC Remedy ITSM and from BMC HR Case Management. Each catalog section can contain services, knowledge articles, or both from one or more providers.

If you are adding BMC Service Request Management and BMC Digital Workplace Catalog, you can also link predefined categories instead of individual items.

  1. On the Service Requests tab, select Catalog > Catalog Sections.
  2. Select the catalog section to which you will add items.
  3. Select Items to Add to Section.

  4. From the Item categories list, select the service category that has the items you want to add.
    ( Optional ) You can also search for categories that contain service items with names that match the text you enter. Multiple words are searched as a phrase.
  5. Select the items.
    • If you are adding items from the Knowledge articles category, you are prompted to search for knowledge articles. Search for knowledge articles and select them.
    • For other categories, from the column on the right, select items.
  6. Click Add Selected Items.
  7. Repeat steps 4 through 6 until you are finished adding items to this catalog section.

Linking predefined groups to a catalog section

If you did not select Link predefined groups to this section when you created the catalog section, you must create a new section.

  1. On the Service Requests tab, select Catalog > Catalog Sections.
  2. Select the catalog section to which you will link categories.
  3. From the Available Items list, select a service category to link.

  4. Click Link Selected Category.
    You can link only one category to this section.

Configuring the catalog display

  1. Select a sort order and number of items to display on the desktop. 

     Field descriptions

    Sort Order

    This selection affects the sort order of the main catalog page only.

    • To have the system automatically sort the catalog tiles, select Alphabetically.
    • To manually arrange the items by using the Move Up and Move Down buttons, select Custom.

    Item layout

    This selection affects the layout of items on the catalog page.

    • Small is recommended if there are large number of items in a section.
    • Large is recommended for featured items.

    Number of items displayed on desktop

    • To display all service item tiles for a section on the main catalog page, select Carousel.
    • To limit the number of service tiles for a section on the main catalog page, select 8, 12, or 16.
      (The user clicks View All to see all section tiles.)
  2. When you are finished with your selections, click Save.

Displaying the catalog section in BMC Digital Workplace

  1. On the Service Requests tab, select Catalog > Settings.
  2. From the column on the left, select the catalog section to display.
  3. Click Add >.

  4. In the column on the right, reorder the catalog sections.
  5. Click Save.

Removing a catalog section

  1. On the Service Requests tab, select Catalog > Catalog Sections.
  2. Select a catalog section to remove.
  3. Click Remove.

  4. Confirm all prompts.

Predefined catalog sections

BMC Digital Workplace includes predefined catalog sections. The specific sections that are available to you depend on which products you have integrated with BMC Digital Workplace. You can configure the name, item layout, and number of items displayed for each of these predefined sections .

Catalog sectionIntegrated productDescription
Most Viewed HR SolutionsBMC HR Case ManagementBMC HR Case Management tracks how many times each HR solution is viewed.
Most Viewed HR ArticlesBMC HR Case ManagementBMC HR Case Management tracks how many times each HR article is viewed.
Most Common IT RequestsBMC Service Request ManagementBMC Service Request Management tracks how many times each SRD is requested.
Quick LinksBMC Service Request ManagementQuick Links contain the Quick Pick list that you set up with requests from BMC Service Request Management.
How-To ResourcesBMC Knowledge Management ManagementHow-To Resources contain knowledge articles that you import from BMC Knowledge Management and links to external resources, which you can define in BMC Digital Workplace. For more information, see Setting up self-help resources.
All items and servicesBMC Digital Workplace CatalogThis category includes all available items and services from BMC Digital Workplace.

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