Validating integration to automatically update service statuses

To automatically update service statuses in BMC MyIT, you must validate the integration of BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management (Infrastructure Management) with BMC MyIT. 

Infrastructure Management is an integrated platform for service availability and performance management of an IT environment. It is a component of the BMC TrueSight Operations Management suite (formerly named BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management), which provides the interface for monitoring data from various data providers such as Infrastructure Management. 

Process of integrating Infrastructure Management with BMC MyIT

After integrating with BMC TrueSight Operations Management, the Apache Tomcat server in BMC MyIT connects to the Infrastructure Management cell and copies service statuses from Infrastructure Management to BMC MyIT. The following diagram explains how the Tomcat server uses a set of Java libraries to connect to Infrastructure Management periodically and update service statuses in BMC MyIT.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have integrated BMC MyIT with BMC TrueSight Operations Management as described in Integrating with BMC TrueSight Operations Management.

Validating integration with BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management

To validate integration with Infrastructure Management, perform the following checks:

To validate Infrastructure Management cell configuration

On the Impact Integration Web Services server or the Infrastructure Management Server, open the mcell.dir files and confirm that all the entries are valid for the integration with BMC MyIT to function properly. 
Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Calbro\Impact Web Services\Tomcat\webapps\imws\WEB-INF\ or C:\Program Files\Calbro\ProactiveNet\pw\server\

To validate BMC Impact Integration Web Services

  1. Log on to the BMC Impact Integration Web Services server.

  2. Check that the Impact Integration Web Service has started. 
    The following figure shows an instance of Impact Integration Web Service that has been started.

To validate BMC Impact Integration Web Services URL

The BMC Impact Integration Web Services URL is in the Providers settings window in the format—http://<servername>:<port>/imws/services/ImpactManager. You can specify this URL during the installation or after the installation of BMC MyIT.  

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