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Sizing and scalability considerations

To plan your BMC MyIT deployment, use the following recommendations.

BMC MyIT server cluster

To calculate the size of the environment required for BMC MyIT, BMC uses the following factors:

  • Total number of users
  • Estimated concurrent connections (usually 10% of the total users)

BMC recommends that you have one BMC MyIT server (with 4 GB and 2 CPUs) for 15,000 registered users, which includes an estimated 1,500 concurrent users. For each environment, consider one extra BMC MyIT server to allow for rolling maintenance and handling of peak loads for events (such as a system outage).

To determine sizing for your environment, use the following formula:

(Total users X 10% / 1500) + 1 = Number of MyIT servers

For example, for 75,000 users, the formula would look like this:

(75000 users X 10% / 1500) + 1 = 5 + 1 = 6 MyIT servers

For the 2.6.00 release, the above formula applies up to total of 90000 users.

MongoDB cluster

The MongoDB cluster requires specific cluster setup to support high availability (HA). For the sizing recommendations for the small (1500 users), medium (4500 users) and large (7500 users) environments, use a replica set configuration of 1 primary and 2 secondary servers.

The sizing recommendations table below includes BMC recommendation for MongoDB cluster configuration based on the number of users.

Sizing recommendations

BMC recommends that you use one of the following deployment options for BMC MyIT.

EnvironmentNumber of BMC MyIT
concurrent users
Number of
managed devices
BMC MyIT server requirements

MongoDB server requirements
(no sharding)

Proof of concept (POC)1001,000 or fewer


Services combined with BMC Remedy AR System server

(Share same server as BMC MyIT server)
Small15002,000 or fewer

One server:

4 CPU core
200 GB disk space

Two servers:

2 CPU core
12 GB RAM + 120 GB SSD

Medium450010,000 or fewer 

Two servers:

4 CPU core
200 GB disk space

Two servers:

4 CPU core
12 GB RAM + 120 GB SSD

Large750030,000 or fewer

Three servers:

8 CPU core
200 GB disk space

Three servers:

4 CPU core
16 GB RAM + 120 GB SSD

* RDB required by BMC MyIT should be on a separate server for relational database.

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