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November 17, 2016Provide information about using the BMC MyIT Health Check utility and the diagnostic utility to identify various issues in a BMC MyIT environment.
November 15, 2016

Provides best practices for starting a BMC MyIT implementation.

Configuration example illustrates how to configure BMC MyIT to use the Catalog of service request definitions from BMC Service Request Management, and to other functionality.

October 2016Product announcementsStatement of direction for end of life of features in BMC MyIT.
August 2016ITSM notifications overwritten during Smart IT upgradeProvides a workaround for an issue where ITSM notifications are overwritten during a Smart IT upgrade.
June 20163.2.00 enhancements

This topic summarizes the feature improvements and enhancements of the BMC MyIT 3.2 release.

For administrators:

  • If you integrate with BMC HR Case Management 4.7, the following additional options are available in BMC MyIT 3.2:
    • Appointment calendars can be configured for HR, so that employees can schedule in-person appointments with HR staff.
    • HR knowledge articles can be included in catalog sections.
    • Sections in the catalog are available for the most viewed HR solutions and the most viewed HR articles.
  • BMC MyIT 3.2.00 expands its support for high availability to include the AlwaysOn feature.

For business users:

  • If you integrate with BMC MyIT Service Broker 3.2, the following features help improve the BMC MyIT 3.2 user experience:
    • The ability to request multiple quantities of an item at the same time.
    • Default values can complete fields in the service questionaire, if set by the BMC MyIT Service Broker administrator.
    • Improved options for ordering bundles, if configured by the BMC MyIT Service Broker administrator.
    • The ability to view the catalog as if another person (impersonation) and make requests on behalf of that person.
  • If you integrate with BMC HR Case Management 4.7, the following features help improve the BMC MyIT 3.2 user experience:
    • Eforms are electronic forms as part of an HR Solution to replace paper and PDF forms.
  • Navigation is enhanced.
  • Notification is displayed in all clients when a service request needs attention. For example, when a support agent or approver adds a public comment to a request.

For technical information and bug fixes that are part of this release, see Known and corrected issues.


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