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This topic presents announcements that might affect future releases of the product. These changes can affect the way in which you configure or run the installed version of BMC MyIT.

Statement of direction: End of life for features in BMC MyIT

The following features will be retired in versions after BMC MyIT 3.2:

  1. Remedyforce and AppZone will no longer be supported in BMC MyIT. BMC MyIT 3.2 is the last version supporting those integrations.
    Existing installations of BMC MyIT will not be affected.
  2. The Support tab will no longer be available. The features of the Support tab and additional capabilities are available through the Catalog.
  3. The Chatter integration will no longer be supported.
  4. Off-line support in the mobile app will be removed to provide better performance.
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Support tab


End of integration with AppZone

MyIT Digital Workplace OnDemand made significant enhancements with the publication and promotion technology over the past few releases. BMC is focusing R&D investment in BMC MyIT and BMC MyIT Service Broker. These products provide a modern and improved experience for publishing and managing your service catalog, along with extending the capabilities to allow for more granular control of the content published. Customers with existing installations of BMC MyIT 3.2 or earlier and AppZone will not be affected and can continue using those products. Customers using AppZone will be able to upgrade to BMC MyIT 3.3 and continue to use AppZone. After version 3.3, this integration will be removed, even for customers who upgrade from earlier versions of BMC MyIT. AppZone will not be turned off until the end of support.

The next version of MyIT Digital Workplace OnDemand will provide similar functionality to AppZone with additional enhancements to banner management. The only exception is the ability to recommend apps from commercial app stores, though this capability is lightly used by customers

End of integration between BMC MyIT and Remedyforce

Remedyforce provides several self-service options. The majority of customers utilize the native Remedyforce capabilities because they find that these native self-service capabilities meet or exceed their needs.With the Summer 16 release, Remedyforce team closed the primary gaps to deliver full-functioning, self-service capabilities for mobile users via Salesforce, as well as a more modern and improved UI. A number of limitations exist with the integration between BMC MyIT and Remedyforce. The current beta tag is targeted for removal in the Winter 17 release of Remedyforce, based on the planned improvements for safe harbor.

Support tab deprecation

In our Catalog experience, BMC has consolidated the best of AppZone's rich media capabilities, including rich profiles and rich icons, with the browsing and discovery capabilities of the Support tab. The Catalog experience provides additional capabilities not found on the Support tab. Within the Catalog, you can set up sections to promote your top requested items or content that you want to be more visible on first entry. The Catalog also supports detailed discovery through the standard tree-based category selection lists. Sections in BMC MyIT, coupled with enhancements to the searching capabilities provide an intuitive, rich experience for your end users.With BMC MyIT, now you can access all the services through a centralized catalog that provides a consumer experience similar to other big, online shopping portals.

Customers already using the Support tab will be able to upgrade to BMC MyIT 3.3 and continue to use the Support tab. This integration will be removed after 3.3, and at that point even for customers who upgrade will no longer be able to use the Support tab.

How long will BMC MyIT 3.2 be supported with these features?

BMC’s support policy is to provide full support for at least 3 years from the (GA) date. This support includes service packs, patches, hotfixes, or workarounds to enable the product to operate in substantial conformity with its then-current operating documentation. BMC will provide full support for BMC MyIT 3.2 until June 23, 2019. For more details on BMC’s support policies, refer to the following link.

To get complete compatibility information for BMC MyIT, use the BMC Solution and Product Availability and Compatibility Utility on the Product Availability and Compatibility page (requires Customer Support logon).

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