Post installation procedures for Smart IT and BMC MyIT

Perform the following tasks:

StepActionAddtional information
1 Enable full text search(FTS)

BMC recommends that you use Full Text Search which is available by default.

2Enable maps license

After installing or upgrading to BMC Remedy with Smart IT, location maps will not appear. In order to display location maps, follow the procedure to obtain and enable a supported maps license.

3Configuring SSL for the Tomcat serverTo provide communication security among applications, configure SSL for the Apache Tomcat server. If you enabled SSL as part of the installation, SSL is already configured.
4Modify Smart IT or Smart IT Social server portsYou might need to change the ports if you did not specify an open port during installation or upgrade, or if these ports are in use. These ports are used to connect the web and mobile Smart IT clients to the Smart IT server.
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