Places and assets

BMC MyIT provides an intuitive experience for users to search for locations and assets such as conference rooms, offices, printers, and other resources that they need. BMC MyIT is context- and location-aware, enabling users to find nearby resources, "follow" resource status updates, and "update" resource status to help other users.

Users tap or click the screen to easily perform a number of self-service tasks:

  • Check in to locations
  • Reserve rooms
  • Report issues
  • Add assets


John, a member of the the professional services group, receives a request to attend a session the next day in an unfamiliar city. Given the short notice, John wants to find the campus from the airport without having to search the internet for the specific address. Upon arrival, John starts BMC MyIT from his mobile device. BMC MyIT retrieves the geographical coordinates of John's current location and displays the closest campus location. BMC MyIT uses Apple Maps to provide a route to the location John chooses.

After successfully locating the campus with BMC MyIT, John enters Building 4. He checks his watch—the session starts in a few minutes, and no one is behind the information desk to help him locate his room. Using BMC MyIT, John accesses the campus floor maps. Looking at the assets marked on his current floor, he sees the location of the elevators. With a few more taps, John sees a label pinpointing the location of the conference room, and he also sees a lavatory on the way. John confidently makes his way to the conference room (with a short stop along the way) and arrives on time.

Enablement tasks

You must first add a location to BMC MyIT, and then add floor maps to the location and assets to the floor maps.  locations-actions implementation

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