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HR solutions and requests

If your installation of BMC MyIT is integrated with BMC HR Case Management, BMC MyIT provides access to HR solutions in the Catalog. Users visit the Catalog to look up HR solutions, open HR cases, and request IT services such as a password reset or a software or mobile app installation.

HR departments benefit by reducing the time spent on fulfilling routine service requests. Users benefit by not having to hunt for the correct form or the responsible department. Your company benefits by reducing costs through more efficient HR case management processes.

overview service requests


Vincent and his wife are about to have a baby. Vincent wants to update his family benefits. He opens his BMC MyIT application on his tablet and enters "baby" in the superbox. He finds an HR knowledge article that informs him of the benefits his company offers. He also finds an HR solution to update family benefits. Vincent answers a few questions. One of the questions includes an e-form, which is an electronic version of the benefits form. Vincent no longer needs to fill out a paper form, because that information is captured online and signed electronically. Vincent's case is sent to an HR agent. The agent completes the case, and Vincent gets a notification on his tablet. In his timeline, Vincent sees that his family benefits are now updated.

Enablement tasks

To create a service catalog, BMC MyIT pulls in HR solutions from BMC HR Case Management, along with IT services from other sources. You must configure the integration with BMC HR Case Management as shown in the following figure. Other tasks (not illustrated) are required to include IT services in the Catalog.

request services overview

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