This version of the documentation supports the 3.2 version of BMC Digital Workplace Basic. Click here to view the documentation for the current version.

Downloading the Smart IT and BMC My IT installation files

This topic explains how to obtain the files that you need for installation from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) site. It also explains how to verify the downloaded files against corruption errors by using MD5 checksums provided by BMC.

The BMC Remedy with Smart IT and BMC MyIT installation program includes the latest service packs and patches. If you are installing the product for the first time, you do not need to apply service packs or patches before you begin using the product. When new service packs and patches are released for Smart IT and MyIT, you will perform an upgrade of the product to apply the latest changes. 

The installation program for the latest service pack or patch also includes the full installation of the product. To install the product for the first time or apply product updates, select the Product Patches tab and download the latest service pack or patch.  

To download the files

  1. Create a directory in which to place the downloaded files.


    On Microsoft Windows computers, ensure that the directory is only one level into the directory structure. The EPD package creates a directory in the temporary directory when you extract the files, and the directory that contains the installation image must not be in a directory deeper than two levels into the directory structure.

  2. Go to
  3. At the logon prompt, enter your user ID and password, and click Submit.
  4. On the Export Compliance and Access Terms page, provide the required information, accept the terms of the agreements, and click Continue.
  5. If you are accessing this site for the first time, create an EPD profile to specify the languages and platforms that you want to see, per the EPD site help; otherwise, skip to step 6.
  6. Verify that the correct profile is displayed for your download purpose, and select the Licensed Products tab.
  7. Select BMC Remedy with Smart IT or BMC MyIT from the list of available products.
    1. With all products selected, enter Smart IT or MyIT in the filter field, and click Go.
    2. From the results, click BMC Remedy with Smart IT (or BMC MyIT).
  8. From the Version menu and the Platform menu, select the version and the platform for which you want to download files. 
  9. Click any of the following tabs:
    1. Products—Displays the product files and supplementary related files available for download:

      • BMC Remedy with Smart IT - Version V.v.00 installer to download or SmartIT_version.linux.tar.gz.

      • BMC MyIT - Version V.v.00 installer to download or MyIT_version.linux.tar.gz

      • User Experience Version V.v.00 Patch for ITSM to download the or UserExperiencePatchversion.platform.tar.gz file.

    2. Patches—Displays the patch and service pack files available for download.
    3. License Information—Displays the files related to licenses.
    4. Documentation—Displays the Online Technical Documentation Portal links and the offline zip files of the documentation available for download.
  10. Select the check boxes next to the files and documents that you want to download.
  11. Click one of the following options:
    • Download (FTP) — Places the selected items in an FTP directory, and the credentials and FTP instructions are sent to you in an email message.
    • Download Manager — Enables you to download multiple files consecutively and to resume an interrupted download if the connection drops.
      This method requires a one-time installation of the Akamai NetSession client program on the target computer and is usually the faster and more reliable way to transfer files. A checksum operation is used to verify file integrity automatically.

To verify the files

Locate the files you downloaded and verify the MD5 checksum results before installation.


 You can use any MD5 checksum tool to verify the checksum results.


The User Experience Patch installer for Smart IT 1.5 and BMC MyIT 3.2 was refreshed to correct an upgrade issue, as explained in ITSM notifications overwritten during Smart IT upgrade. The version number in the download file name was incremented from 1.5.00 to to reflect this change.

File name  MD5 checksum  d29dbce3d59a669c7c61470d28ef7086 12084d5a6dc3b8baec489ee230135d62
Smart_IT_1.5.00.linux.tar.gz 3505a7ea9db1f08711408c4c366d0e01 4a41ec60add796cc1394d8e91f24b7b4
MyIT_3.2.00.linux.tar.gz 3505a7ea9db1f08711408c4c366d0e01 4a41ec60add796cc1394d8e91f24b7b4
UserExperiencePatch1.5.00.001.aix.tar.gz d4e890d7f612b5c8c29cf5b4827594d5
UserExperiencePatch1.5.00.001.hpux-itanium.tar.gz a8db70e8db8913c5f78c9a93eae1d39e
UserExperiencePatch1.5.00.001.linux.tar.gz 6f0776c2e5ddcca39298e3e889c65470
UserExperiencePatch1.5.00.001.solaris.tar.gz 26de403115ba797853f718d351c93cb7 3fd8f66bcf5c63733d26377b3596a90b 8a6a6b3c4f89747634ca2750cc6ba5fe 82eadfbe08e12560bb17760d83614b10
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  1. Worawut Ekarat

    Is there any incompatibility if we install UX patch of different version than Smart IT? In other words, should Smart IT 1.5 always goes with UX patch 1.5? Thanks.

    Jul 11, 2016 10:44
    1. Amit Durgapal

      Hi Worawut,

      The UX patch and BMC with Smart IT have to be at the same version.



      Jul 12, 2016 03:47