Deploying BMC MyIT to your users

After you install BMC MyIT and configure it, you can make BMC MyIT available to your users via the Universal Client (web browser) and mobile applications.

After you upgrade BMC MyIT, you must prepare and distribute the corresponding BMC MyIT mobile clients.

This topic includes the following sections:

To prepare the BMC MyIT clients

Universal client(Optional) Rebrand the BMC MyIT Universal Client
Apple iOS client
  1. (Optional) Rebrand BMC MyIT for Apple iOS
  2. Re-sign BMC MyIT for Apple iOS
  3. Update the server location in the Apple iOS client for BMC MyIT
Google Android client(Optional) The Android mobile client can be rebranded only with the assistance of BMC Professional Services.


When you upgrade BMC MyIT, rebranding changes do not persist. Before you upgrade, create a backup so that you can restore your changes after the upgrade.

If you need assistance with rebranding the application, contact BMC Support, or your local account team.

To make the clients available

Universal clientAnnounce the URL to the universal client:
Mobile apps

Neither the Apple App Store nor the Google Play Store are involved in the process.

To make the mobile BMC MyIT application available through a URL

After you install BMC MyIT, host the mobile clients on a valid HTTPS server with a valid certificate authority (CA) certificate. Apple requires a valid HTTPS server with a valid CA certificate for distributing native iOS applications. You can use the BMC MyIT server for this purpose only if you configure it for HTTPS, as described in Configuring SSL for the Tomcat server. Users can download mobile clients for Google Android and Apple iOS devices through the following web address:


Replace MyITServerName:port with the web address for your BMC MyIT server or other HTTPS server on which you are hosting the mobile clients.

The 32-bit Android mobile client can run on both 32-bit and 64-bit Android devices. For Android mobile app downloads, users might need to update their device settings to allow downloads from unknown sources.

Watch a video demonstration (5:26) that follows these steps.

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