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Creating broadcasts

BMC MyIT enables users to quickly see the status of important services. Giving employees the ability to see whether a problem is local or system-wide reduces the number of support calls and additional steps on the part of the end user. Administrators can use broadcasts to notify users of events, updates, and important information. These broadcasts appear in users' BMC MyIT feeds.

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Before you begin

Get an overview of Status updates and notifications.

To set up groups through LDAP, see Integrating BMC MyIT with LDAP.


Armando wants to notify users in the Calbro Services office in Plano, Texas, of upcoming fire sprinkler system maintenance. Armando writes his message to target the Plano office location. Users who have mapped their home location to the Plano office in Settings will receive the broadcast message in their BMC MyIT feed. Depending on how a user's notification settings are configured, the user could receive the broadcast by notification on the desktop Universal Client, or by push notification to the user's mobile device.

To create broadcasts  

Administrators can create broadcasts from the BMC MyIT Administration Console. If your installation of BMC MyIT is integrated with BMC HR Case Management, HR agents can send broadcasts from the BMC HR Case Management Agent Console.

You can send broadcasts to users based on the following criteria:

  • User group (can be set up as an LDAP group or BMC Remedy group)
  • Use of services
  • Location

For more information about setting up groups through LDAP, see Integrating BMC MyIT with LDAP.

Be aware of the following points about broadcast messages:

  • Maximum length of 1,000 characters (including spaces and punctuation)
  • Can include a website link to expanded details about the subject of the broadcast
  • Can be set to be automatically deleted from client devices by an expiration date. By default, the expiration date is one week from the current date.

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