Pre-installation procedures

Perform the following tasks:

StepActionAdditional information
1Back up customizationsIf your BMC Remedy ITSM environment includes customized data on the SYS:Notification Messages form, you must back up these customizations. Examples of customized data include changing the email notification content or disabling any of the email notifications. Smart IT overwrites some of the BMC Remedy ITSM data on the SYS:Notification Messages form, and your customizations will be lost.
2Install package to launch UI installer (on Linux)On Linux environment, to invoke the UI installer for installing BMC Remedy with Smart IT (Smart IT) and BMC MyIT, you need to download a package containing Xorg libraries.
3Install the Smart IT and BMC MyIT User Experience patch

Before you install BMC Remedy with Smart IT (Smart IT) or BMC MyIT, you must install the Smart IT MyIT User Experience patch. This patch enables  BMC Remedy IT Service Management (BMC Remedy ITSM) to work with Smart IT and BMC MyIT. For Smart IT, this patch enables viewing incidents, requests, approvals, and so on in the timeline and activity feed. Without this patch, timelines, email notifications, and social features will not work in either Smart IT or BMC MyIT. The installation applies required BMC Remedy ITSM patches. 

4 Deploy Openfire chat

If your organization uses the Chat feature extensively, you can run Chat (Openfire) on a remote server to improve performance.

 Note: Openfire chat is used only by Smart IT.

5Install 64-bit Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 8

Install on all the servers where you want to install Smart IT or BMC MyIT.

Note: Smart IT/MyIT supports Oracle JRE version 1.8.x or higher only and not OpenJDK.


Review the login ID requirements for service requests in Smart IT

If your environment uses BMC Service Request Management, ensure that the People records for non-support staff include a login ID. Service requests cannot be submitted for a customer who has a People record with no login ID.

Service requests cannot be submitted, because the Smart Recorder uses the login ID to show available service request templates for that person. 

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