Offline support for BMC MyIT

The mobile applications for BMC MyIT support offline mode in key areas, so that mobile self-serve users can can continue to work when they lose connectivity. For example, creating service requests is supported in offline mode. The user can complete the service request, as specified by the service request definition (SRD), and submit the service request. While the user is offline, the requests are stored locally on the device until the connection is available again. When the connection is re-established, the requests are automatically submitted to the system.

The following data in the application is available in offline mode:

  • Location and floormap
  • SRDs and service requests
  • Settings
  • Service availability
  • Calendar appointments
  • How To articles
  • Knowledge articles
  • Approvals

Social features, such as timelines, updates, and profile information do not have offline support.

The data that is available during offline mode is loaded into the application during the self-serve user's initial login from the device to the server. Loading the data means that the initial login takes longer than subsequent logins for that user. On subsequent logins by the same user, only the data changes since the last login are loaded for offline use.

Data that is not available in offline mode is reloaded on page refreshes and login.

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