3.1.00 enhancements

This section contains information about enhancements in version 3.1.00 of the BMC MyIT product. 


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BMC MyIT Service Broker 3.1 integration enhancements

The following video (2:46) describes the enhancements for integrating with BMC MyIT Service Broker 3.1.


A valid license to run BMC MyIT Service Broker 3.1 includes the following features to help improve the BMC MyIT 3.1 user experience:

  • BMC MyIT Service Broker item previews that contain rich media are now shown in BMC MyIT. Guide users to make informed decisions through a carousel of informational images and videos. Distribute forms, tips, and other information resources through downloadable files and web links.
  • BMC MyIT Service Broker items can direct fulfillment through an external web link. External website fulfillment is designed for travel reservations, event registration, or other services where the BMC MyIT user needs to be actively involved in the process. External website links can also provide short-term fulfillment through suitable systems until an application-specific service connector becomes available.
  • BMC MyIT Service Broker administrators can enable full catalog view for BMC MyIT users. In common practice, end users are able to view only the items that have been entitled to them. With full catalog view enabled, entitled items are identified with a badge and considered "Company preferred" items. However, end users can request items whether entitled to them or not.
  • BMC MyIT users can collect BMC MyIT Service Broker items into a shopping cart and request fulfillment for all collected items at once. The shopping cart calculates totals for items separated by whether they incur a one-time cost or recurring charges.
  • BMC MyIT users can add BMC Service Request Management items attached to a BMC MyIT Service Broker fulfillment workflow to a shopping cart, along with other BMC MyIT Service Broker items. If a BMC MyIT Service Broker workflow is not attached, the item cannot be added to a shopping cart. Instead, BMC MyIT fulfills the service through its internal BMC Service Request Management connector.
  • BMC MyIT displays the approval status for requests through BMC MyIT Service Broker.
  • BMC MyIT 3.1 includes additional performance enhancements as part of its integration with BMC MyIT Service Broker 3.1.

BMC HR Case Management integration enhancements

BMC MyIT 3.1.00 includes the following enhancements for integration with BMC HR Case Management:

  • You can upgrade an existing BMC MyIT server and integrate it with BMC HR Case Management. 

  • BMC MyIT users can manage approvals in BMC MyIT from BMC HR Case Management when BMC HR Case Management and BMC Remedy IT Service Management (BMC Remedy ITSM) are on different AR System servers.
  • The HR Solution name is displayed as the title for HR Case items in the BMC MyIT timeline.

Knowledge enhancements

BMC MyIT 3.1.00 includes the following enhancements for knowledge articles:

  • You can now add knowledge articles from BMC Remedy ITSM to the Catalog. For more information, see Setting up sections in the Catalog.
  • Search for knowledge is improved. Users can preview knowledge articles from search, see the results of recent searches, and can compare related and similar knowledge articles.  The following illustration shows an article being previewed from a list of similar articles.
  • If configured in BMC Remedy ITSM, the search history for knowledge articles  in BMC MyIT is logged. BMC Remedy ITSM users with access to knowledge statistics can see search statistics for all performed searches, or, depending on configuration,  just searches when no results was returned.

Enhanced search

Searching is enhanced. The search results provides separate tabs for Items (in the catalog includes items from BMC AppZone, from BMC MyIT Service Broker, and from BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management), Actions (SRDs and HR solutions), and Resources (How-Tos, Quick Links, and knowledge articles). When searching from the Superbox, additional tabs include Requests, Posts, and Profiles (with sub-tabs for Users, Groups, and Locations). In addition, when searching from the Superbox, the Items tab includes the following additions beyond the catalog search: asset and service profiles (service health). All results are combined under the All tab. The search results include the ratings for BMC AppZone items and for BMC MyIT Service Broker items.

Deep links to areas in BMC MyIT

  • Email notifications are enhanced and include a link to open the applicable area of BMC MyIT. For example, an email notification about a service status change includes a link to the service profile in BMC MyIT. Other notifications that now include links are:
    • Social events (user’s post received a comment, user was mentioned in another user’s post,  post mentioning a user received a comment)
    • Service requests (service request is commented by approver or support agent, service request status changes)

    • Services that the user is following, when the service status changes

    • Appointments (appointment confirmation and cancellation)

      For information on configuring this feature, see Configuring email notifications.
  • BMC MyIT users can easily share links to knowledge articles, service request forms (SRDs), SRD categories, Catalog sections, and Service Broker profiles. From the Universal Client, each of these items displays a Share button. Mobile clients include a menu or action to share the content. For all clients, the shared link is copied to the clipboard. Only users with the appropriate permissions can open an item by following the link. The following illustration shows the Share button as displayed in the Universal Client.

Upgrade enhancements

  • You can now upgrade directly from several previous releases. The  BMC Remedy with Smart IT and BMC MyIT installer supports direct upgrade to Smart IT 1.4 and BMC MyIT 3.1 from the following versions:
    • Smart IT 1.1, 1.2, 1.2.01, 1.3

    • BMC MyIT 2.5, 2.6, 3.0, 3.0.01

  • Recovery from failed upgrade attempts is now easier. The BMC Remedy with Smart IT and BMC MyIT installer can run on top of a failed upgrade. To make use of the upgrade recovery feature, you must perform a backup of the Smart IT and BMC MyIT database and the BMC Remedy AR System database. When an upgrade fails, the installer wizard lists the requirements that must be met before you can proceed with the upgrade. When you rerun the installer, the upgrade resumes from the stage where it left off.

Language support

BMC MyIT 3.1.00 adds support for Danish, Turkish, and Welsh.


On the Apple iOS application, Danish is not available for BMC AppZone functionality.

On the Google Android application, neither Danish, Turkish, nor Welsh are available for BMC AppZone functionality.

For more information about language selection and localization, see Localizing titles and messages.

Additional enhancements

BMC MyIT 3.1.00 includes the following additional enhancements:

  • Configuration option to select whether a service request or an incident request is created when an appointment is submitted. For more information, see Setting up the help desk.
  • Improved display of HTML instructions. Additional tags in HTML instructions for Service Request Definition (SRD) general instructions and for question instructions. The following additional tags are now supported in BMC MyIT: bold, paragraph, unordered (bullet) list, ordered (numbered) list, underline. For more information about supported HTML tags, see Support for service request definitions from BMC Service Request Management.
  • Configuration option to cross-launch SRDs of the type AIF into a new tab in the BMC MyIT Universal Client. This option is part of the provider settings for the SRM pluggable provider. For more information, see Setting up service requests through BMC Service Request Management.
  • Improved log files with more information and clearer messages.
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