Reporting issues

Besides helping users solve problems themselves, BMC MyIT also makes it easy to get help from support, human resources, and other company staff. Users can report issues by:

  • Submitting a request from the Superbox
  • Submitting a request from an asset profile
  • Submitting a request from the profile of an asset or service
  • Setting up an appointment with staff


Newman, an employee of a large accounting company who typically works remotely, travels frequently in his role and requires the use of a mobile hotspot device. The accounting company has recently switched carriers and assigned everyone new hotspot devices, but Newman cannot connect for more than a few minutes at a time.

Rather than wait for a new device or go through another phone call with his IT team, Newman launches his BMC MyIT application and schedules an in-person Help Desk appointment for next Monday, when he will be visiting the corporate headquarters on other business.

Newman receives a reminder of his appointment ahead of time. When his appointment time arrives, Newman brings the device in. The IT employee behind the desk, having read the problem description in Newman's ticket, tries a few troubleshooting tactics with Newman's device and determines that the problem is caused by a hardware failure. The IT employee exchanges the faulty device for a new one and configures it on the spot. Newman tests it to his satisfaction and tells the IT employee that the ticket can be marked as resolved. The entire interaction takes 15 minutes.

Enablement tasks

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