To plan the BMC My IT deployment, refer to the following topics:

StepActionAddtional information
1Review the system requirements

Review the:

2Review the known and corrected issues

Review the following release notes:

BMC My IT 3.0 release notes and notices

Smart IT 3.0 release notes and notices

3Download the installation files

When viewing the latest version of a product on the Electronic Product Download (EPD) site, you see only the components (including licensed add-ons) that are covered under the licenses associated with your Support ID or EPD profile.

This topic explains how to obtain the files that you need for installation from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) site.

4Review license entitlementsNot applicable
5Review the  Smart IT and BMC My IT performance and tuning guidelines in the BMC Remedy with Smart IT 1.2 online documentation.

Not applicable


 Performance tuning guidelines for Smart 1.3 will be published after the release.

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