Changing terminology used in the application

BMC MyIT enables you to customize the names of items that appear on your users' desktop browsers and mobile devices. For example, you can update the name of the service desk to My Company Service Desk.

To update the client-side name of the service desk

  1. On the Configuration tab of the BMC MyIT Administration Console (http://BMCMyITserver:port/ux/admin), click Branding settings.
  2. To update the term used for your service desk and its description:
    1. Select the Appointments tab.
    2. In the Name of your service desk field, enter a name.
      This entry changes the name of the screen that lists a user’s appointments.
    3. In the Description/Instructions field, enter instructions for your users.
      This entry changes the instructions that tell users what to enter when creating an appointment
    4. Click Save.
  3. To change the names of the categories ("buckets") used on the Apple iPad, iPhone, and universal client versions of the client:
    1. Select the Support tab.
    2. Enter the new names into the appropriate bucket fields.

      You might specify longer names on the iPad version because the iPad has more screen room for additional text. The following image shows an example of the categories on an iPhone.

      iPhone screen with custom assistance categories


      The universal client (which users see in browsers) does not use Bucket 4 ("Service Desk appointments," by default). Instead, users simply go to the Appointments tab to set and view appointments.

    3. Click Save.

To localize the names of the categories

See Localizing titles and messages.

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