3.0.01: Service Pack 1

This topic contains information about fixes and updates in this service pack, and provides instructions for downloading and installing the service pack. 


For information about issues corrected in this service pack, see Known and corrected issues.


Service Pack 1 provides the following enhancements:

Integration with BMC HR Case Management

If you have BMC HR Case Management, the following features are available:

  • HR solutions and knowledge articles, can be added to sections in the Unified Catalog. Self-service users can search for HR solutions and knowledge articles in the catalog and in the superbox.
  • Confidential data is protected. Answers to confidential questions are masked.
  • Updates to HR cases (such as an HR agent answering a question or providing a form) are displayed on the timeline.
  • Broadcasts can be sent from BMC HR Case Management and displayed in BMC MyIT.

For information about how to configure the integration with BMC HR Case Management, see Integrating BMC MyIT with BMC HR Case Management.

BMC MyIT Service Broker integration enhancements

BMC MyIT displays notifications for BMC MyIT Service Broker.

Cost adjustments, such as supplier costs and recurring maintenance costs entered in BMC MyIT Service Broker are displayed in BMC MyIT.

The users can distinguish entitled content from non-entitled content from BMC MyIT Service Broker in the Catalog. 

Self-service users can filter the items on the Catalog by the categories they represent.

Additional details of service requests from BMC MyIT Service Broker are visible to approvers and to requesters.

Search is improved. Services from BMC MyIT Service Broker are searchable by tags.

Self-service users can delete their reviews.

Upgrading directly to BMC MyIT 3.0.01 from BMC MyIT 2.6.00

You can upgrade to BMC MyIT 3.0.01 directly from version 2.6.00, which allows you to move to production more quickly. In previous versions, you had to upgrade through each release (including service packs) in stages, applying available patches for each release.

Other enhancements

When knowledge articles are displayed to self-service users, links to related and similar knowledge articles are also displayed.

Email notification are sent when the status is changed for a service request.

Downloading the service pack

For download instructions, see Downloading the Smart IT and BMC My IT installation files.

Installing the service pack

Use the product installer for the service pack and follow the instruction in Installing.

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  1. Vincent Riedweg


    There is no information concerning an upgrade from MyIT 3.0 / SmartIT 1.3 to MyIT 3.0.01 / SmartIT 1.3.01.

    For previous Service Pack we can find some information concerning the steps for the installation of the Service Pack. For example: the UX patch installation in at least one older Service Pack was not required.

    For this one we have no information. There is only a link to the standard installation process, but nothing for the upgrade.

    What are the main steps to do this kind of upgrade?

    What has to be considered (pre install / post install) if Atrium SSO is already installed and configured?

    Thanks in advance for completing this black hole in the documentation.



    Jan 20, 2016 11:03
    1. Michele Marques

      Hello Vincent,

      For this service pack, a standard installation or upgrade should be followed. In fact, you can use this installer to upgrade directly to 3.0.01 from 2.6. For future releases, we are looking at better differentiating upgrade documentation from installation documentation.



      Jan 20, 2016 03:01