This space contains information about the BMC MyIT 2.5 release, including service packs and patches.

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What's new

Announcement Patch 1 for 2.5.00 is available on June 17, 2015. This patch contains a number of the security fixes along with the improvements for the Universal Client.

For more information, see Patch 1.


2.5.00: 2.5.00  is available on April 30, 2015. The highlights for version 2.5.00 include the following enhancements:

  • Integration with BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.
  • New Unified Catalog to request services.
  • Ability to configure the interface and landing page.
  • Improved notifications and social feed, with the ability to filter by status.
  • Service request improvements:
    • It is possible to use radio buttons and check boxes as the conditions within service request definitions (SRDs).
    • The new Needs Attention flag   appears on the SRD, if a new comment or attachment was added to it by the assignee.  
    • It is now possible to hide the  Date/Time, Date, and Time fields.
    • The administrator can add visible instructions to help users as they enter service requests.
  • New AppZone bundles and banner branding features.
  • New additional languages supported.

For more information, see 2.5.00 enhancements.

For more information about installing BMC MyIT 2.5.00, start with Planning worksheetsSystem requirements, and Installation worksheet for 2.5 (designed to help you to capture the necessary information before installation).

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