This documentation supports the 19.11 version of BMC Digital Workplace Basic.

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Roles and permissions

This section describes administrator and end-user permissions for BMC Digital Workplace. 

Administration permissions specific to BMC Digital Workplace

To access the BMC Digital Workplace Admin console, administrators require MyIT Admin permission. For more information, see Setting up administrator authentication.

You can restrict administrators to specific areas of the Admin console, as described in Assigning administrator permissions.

An administrator can access the tenant configuration utility (used for multitenancy) without any permissions due to API token authentication. For more information, see Configuring multitenancy

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Reviewing active users

Permissions for BMC Digital Workplace end users

To access BMC Digital Workplace, end users require a login ID and password in BMC Remedy ITSM, BMC HR Case Management, or both.

The following table indicates permissions needed to access areas of the application or types of items in the Catalog.

Item or areaPermissionApplication controlling permissionAdditional information

Business Manager—To be able to approve service requests and see additional details about those requests.

To be assigned as an approver in Smart IT, the following functional roles are required:

  • Infrastructure Change Approver—To be selected as an approver for change requests.
  • Knowledge Management Approver—To be selected as an approver for knowledge articles.
  • Release Approver—To be selected as an approver for releases.
  • Request Approver—To be selected as a Support approver for requests.
  • SRD Approver—To be selected to approve service request definitions (SRDs) for publication.

Service Request Management user roles in the BMC Remedy ITSM documentation.

Functional roles and extended application access in the BMC Remedy ITSM documentation.

No permissions required to approve HR requests.BMC HR Case ManagementNo additional information.
Knowledge articles

No permissions required.

(BMC Knowledge Management)

Visibility groups restrict which specific knowledge articles are available. To make knowledge articles visible to end users, set Publish to External Audiences to Yes and Status to Published.
No permissions required.BMC HR Case ManagementNo additional information.
Service Requests

No permissions required.

(BMC Service Request Management)
Entitlements restrict which specific service requests are available.
Virtual Machines

No permissions required.

However, for users to be able to access BMC Cloud Management Lifecycle from BMC Digital Workplace, those users must have the same user names on the BMC Remedy Action Request System server (AR System server) for BMC Digital Workplace and the AR System server for BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management. Additionally, the users should belong to respective BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management groups and tenants in BMC Digital Workplace.
BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management
HR solutionsCase ViewerBMC HR Case Management

Roles and permissions in the BMC HR Case Management documentation.

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