This documentation supports the 19.11 version of BMC Digital Workplace Basic.

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Configuring status updates and notifications

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You can configure status updates and notifications in the BMC Helix Digital Workplace Admin console so that end users quickly see the status of important services and determine whether a problem is local or system-wide. This reduces the number of support calls and additional steps for the end user.

With BMC Digital Workplace, users can receive the following notifications when important events occur:

  • In-app notifications (bell notifications)

  • Email notifications

  • Push notifications


For end users to receive email notifications, the system administrator must configure the email server information of the company and verify that the users have valid email accounts with the specified server. The BMC Digital Workplace administrator must provide the Backend URL. For more information, see Configuring email notifications.

The following email clients are supported for receiving BMC Digital Workplace email notifications:

  • Microsoft Outlook (both desktop and web clients)
  • Gmail

If a BMC Digital Workplace administrator rebrands the application, the email notifications are automatically rebranded with the new logo, product name, and global navigation style. For more information, see Rebranding BMC Digital Workplace.

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To set the language for notifications

Localized email and push notifications are not available for the following requests. They are available only in English.

  • Service health
  • Appointments
  • Social

End users receive email and push notifications in the languages given in Supported languages and locales. The following table shows the options a BMC Helix Digital Workplace administrator can use to set the language of push and email notifications:

Selection option

End-user experienceExample

The BMC Helix Digital Workplace administrator disables the Language toggle key. 

An end user receives email and push notifications in the language of their browser settings.An end user Mark has the German browser's locale and receives an email in German. If Mark wants to change the language, he must select another language in the browser settings and log in again. 

The BMC Helix Digital Workplace administrator enables the Language toggle key and selects a language. 

An end user receives email and push notifications in the specified language. 

An end user Mark has the German browser's locale, but the BMC Helix Digital Workplace administrator selects French. If Mark logs in again, he receives emails in French regardless of his browser settings.

The BMC Helix Digital Workplace administrator enables the Language toggle key, selects a language, and allows an end user to override it. See Setting a language for your end users.

An end user selects a preferred language, logs in again, and receives an email in the specified language. 

The BMC Helix Digital Workplace administrator selects Greek. An end user Mark receives push notifications in Greek, but wants to read them in Japanese. He selects Japanese as a preferred language, logs in BMC Helix Digital Workplace again, and receives a push notification in Japanese.

If an end user requests a service with a browser locale that is not supported by BMC Digital Workplace, email notifications are sent in English. 

For information about how to set a language for BMC Helix Digital Workplace for an end user, see Setting a language for your end users.

To enable configurable notifications in BMC Digital Workplace

An end user must perform the following steps to receive the required notifications. 


Configurable notifications are disabled by default after installation of BMC Helix Digital Workplace and for newly added users.

  1. In the BMC Digital Workplace end user console, select Preferences > Notification settings.

  2. Enable email or push notifications for one or more of the following events:

    • Approvals 

      In Approvals, click Edit and select the required notification types.


      If the BMC Digital Workplace administrator disables the Approvals feature in Admin console > Configuration, the Approval notifications section is hidden from end users on their Preferences page.

    • Requests
      In Requests, click Edit and select the required notification types.

    • Feedback survey
    • Social activity

Notification events and types of notifications

The following table describes the events for which notifications are sent to end users and the types of notifications that can be sent for each event:

Notification eventDescriptionIn-app
Push notificationsEmail

Request status change

BMC Digital Workplace supports notifications for the following types of requests:

  • Requests from BMC Remedy IT Service Management 
  • Requests from BMC HR Case Management

  • Requests from BMC Helix Business Workflows

Users who request a service receive notifications when the status of the service changes, for example, from In Progress to Completed.

Note: Users do not receive notifications if the request is created by an agent in BMC Helix Business Workflows.




Delegation ruleUsers who are specified as delegates receive notifications when the original approver creates, edits, or cancels a delegation rule.




Request comment

End users receive a notification when an approver or a service request agent adds an activity log or a comment to the service request they raised.

Requesters receive push and email notifications when a new comment or attachment is added to an approval for a BMC Digital Workplace Catalog or BMC Helix Business Workflows service.

Users do not receive notifications under the following conditions:

  • Comments are related to BMC HR Case Management requests.
  • An agent adds request comments in BMC Helix Business Workflows.





Users receive in-app notifications when the following events occur:

  • As approvers, they receive a notification when a new change approval request or service approval request is created.
  • As requesters, they receive a notification when the change request or service request they raised is approved or rejected.

Users receive push and email notifications when the following events occur:

  • As approvers, they receive notifications about their new approvals (single and grouped requests) and when a new comment or attachment is added to an approval by a requester or other approvers (in case of a group approval).
  • As requesters, they receive notifications when a single request, group order, or bundle is submitted.


  • To approve or reject approval from a push notification, an end user must disable pop-up blockers.

  • Approvers and requesters receive service request comment notifications until the request is in the Completed status.





Administrators can use broadcasts to notify users about events, updates, and important information. These broadcasts appear in the BMC Digital Workplace end user console for users.

Users cannot disable broadcast notifications.




Social activity

Users receive notifications when the following events occur:

  • A user is mentioned in a post created by another user.
  • Another user comments on a post in which the current user is mentioned.
  • Another user comments on the post of the current user.




Feedback survey

Users get feedback notifications for their recently completed:

  • IT service requests
  • HR requests

Notifications are sent when the following conditions are met:
  • The service request has a survey mapped to it.
  • The service request status changes to Completed.
  • The user has enabled survey notifications.





For more information about the types of notifications that requesters, OBO users, and collaborators receive, see Processing business requests

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